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Brian Mechler Certififed Personal Trainer, Yoga & T'ai Chi Instructor

Getting to do what I love .. helping clients for 13+ years


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Prior to working out with Brian, I had been working out consistently over the last 30 years; sometimes with a trainer, but mostly by myself.  I thought I knew every exercise there was for every part of the body.  Boy, was I wrong!  I started working out with Brian on a weekly basis over eight years ago.  Within a very short amount of time, my body transformed!  I became stronger, leaner, and more defined.  Brian varies his workouts every week, and combines free weights, exercise balls, machines, or whatever he can create in his mind!

Recently, I had to undergo major surgery.  Prior to the surgery Brian worked with me to make sure I was in the best physical shape possible.  As a result, I was back in the gym 2 weeks after surgery, although I was told it would take me 6 weeks to get back in.  We worked slowly, but within a few short months, I was back better than ever before.

I would recommend Brian to anyone.  If you have the drive and commitment, Brian has the knowledge and passion to help you achieve your goals.


Jody Ashley — Manager, Talus a Therapeutic Salon 

Age 57

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Finally, after 20 years of being sedentary, overweight, and experiencing increasing health problems, I felt it was time to do something. I had begun to change my diet somewhat and I knew that I needed to "move to improve." I mustered up the courage to join a local gym. I started out on the treadmill and soon began working on some of the machines. After several weeks of trying things on my own and with minimal results, I wanted to ensure I was maximizingthe time spent at the gym and I also wanted to try some new things and not hurt myself.

With many fears, I again mustered up even more courage and began working with Brian.Brian evaluated my goals and set me up with an exercise plan. Soon, the conversations turned to proper nutrition and I found him extremely knowledgeable. I found myself enjoying foods I hadn't eaten in years.Quickly, I was looking forward to my training sessions with Brian. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always have a great workout and leave feeling better.Brian has always been very professional in his knowledge, attention to detail, punctuality and patience (something I knew my trainer was going to need training me) and he also knows when to push me that extra bit that I need to get real results. Brian takes pride in every client he personally trains. He's fully vested in your success and is able to get people to levels they thought were unattainable. I've been working with Brian for about 8 months now. My workouts now are way more efficient and effective.My overall health is better than it's been in years. I've lost weight, got off some medicines and people are complimenting about the difference. Most importantly, I feel better. Way better.

I've got more to go, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Brian really has changed the way I think and feel about exercise. And about myself. Brian has that unique ability to inspire, motivate, and make it all more fun. Yep, I said it - fun!Working with Brian has been worth every aching muscle and all that sweat. Words alone cannot convey how his encouragement and dedication to my success have forever changed my life. I suspect that anyone who has the privilege of working with Brian will gain tremendously from the experience.


Richard Fields 


Sports casters loosely use the term “that was the teams Achilles Heel.”  A term for the weak link or poor performer.  Now it’s a term that makes me squirm.

In September of 2008  I underwent Achilles tendon reattachment. Completely severed the two ends had to be found, an extension piece installed to rebuild the tendon. At 32 the recovery time is long and hard, at 62 even worse.

I was lucky to find Brian who took on the challenge of helping me in the rehabilitation of my leg. For months I met with Brian who constantly pushed me to strengthen the tendon and leg.  

Brian’s dedication, research and hard work has paid off for me.  The pain is gone, the limp is gone, the strength is back in my leg.

Thank you.

Bob Yanover

York, PA  


I worked with Brian for several months when I had a rotator cuff injury. Before working with Brian I had gone through several tests, visited several doctors, and completed 6 weeks of physical therapy with no improvement. Brian not only helped me heal from my injury but he gave me great tips to prevent further injuries. Brian gave me the nutrition and fitness tools that I needed to get into shape and become a healthier person. Because of everything Brian has done for me I have a much greater appreciation for health and fitness.


Amy Renee Hubbard 

Age 27